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Our Story

Sugarscarf London are dedicated to ensuring the safe and comfortable working conditions for all involved along the Sugarscarf London manufacturing process, from conception to sale.

It is important to us all, throughout the company, that we produce high quality, long lasting clothing, at affordable prices, that don’t come at the expense of humanity. Specifically, the rights of the workers, whether a packer in our Oxford warehouse or one of the artisans working with one of our international manufacturers.

We’re almost finished on our first exclusive Sugarscarf collection. This range of branded relaxwear will be available in a range of styles and colours, the main feature being our Sugarscarf London sweatshirt.

We’ll only be working with factories that can clearly demonstrate working conditions adhering to the Sugarscarf London audit, ensuring all employees are mentally and physically supported by their employers throughout their employment. Our checks include ensuring all staff have access to refreshments, regular rest breaks, working at ventilated, spacious working stations and work an appropriate number of hours each day without detriment to their health.

Working conditions in Asia, particularly for women, have required considerable improvement over the last few decades. However, there is still a considerable amount of work to do and retailers must ensure that they only work with manufacturers who prioritise the working environment of their employees. Factories who don’t ensure a happy, healthy workforce will then become a thing of the past as we vote with our feet, taking our manufacturing contracts only to those who are with us in the fight towards abuse of vulnerable employees.

As Sugarscarf’s founder Eqya Sulaiman notes, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very much at the heart of the Sugarscarf brand. We do as much as we can for our local communities but don’t stop at the UK’s borders. Part of our global outreach programme is the HOPE by SUGARSCARF –an array of newly and specially designed scarves, exclusively aimed to create a better life for the massive number of children in certain regions all over the world who suffer due to a lack of clean and drinkable water.

Eyqa Sulaiman, the founder and CEO of Sugarscarf

Back in the UK we are working closely with many womens charities and would welcome your support. Currently we are working with Breast Cancer Care to raise awareness of the dangers of Breast Cancer in Muslim communities where intimate issues are not so publicly discussed as in other communities. We are also proud advocates of International Women’s Day and their 2017 campaign #beboldforchange.

We’d love to hear about your charitable work and are always delighted to get involved where we can. Find us on Instagram to let us know what you’ve been upto to help others in the world!