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Lana Cotton in Wheat Spectra

Lana Cotton in Wheat Spectra

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Uncover the new essentials shawl edition the Lana Basic Premium as we joy-bringing back this collection with better improvement. Comes with 2 version: Satin &Cotton, the collection is crafted with good backbone of high quality material, get ready to indulge being in the world of simplicity in the casualness of dressing up.
Crafted with high quality of cotton, this shawl is the new essentials that everyone must haves. Styling of the hijab can be up to 7 ways, up to your likings. Simply just divide the shawl to two parts; longer and shorter part. Take the long part to just wrap over your head to achieve a simple look for the perfect daily wear. 
1. Every color is customized and selected by us. 
2. Very easy to style that will suits your likings!
3. The quality of the Lana Basic will be improvise from time to time. From the material, packaging & tagging. 
4. Our length of the shawl is adjustable for everyone. 
5. Offers high quality material that are durable and still have value even if you wear it for a long time. 
6. You can style up more than 7 hijab styling
7. Very easy to care, with soft ironing, the drapability and the fluidity is excellent. 
8. Our products can last long to many years and it will still be a good condition if you handle with care. 
9. Not only they look good,Lana Basic is super comfy to wear. 
10. The satin version gave a good shine draped - ability that last for a very long time. 
Material: High quality cotton
Color issue: Due to different resolution, colors may vary from the real color. Colour on the monitor is 10% brighter due to studio lighting.  
Length: 185 cm x 60 cm (min. approx) 
Care: Handwash and dry clean if possible. 

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